Friday, February 8, 2013

Good News!

Hello Friends!  It's been a while since I've posted and updated here so I thought I'd pop by and share the great news that this past Tuesday was my 230th and LAST daily iv infusion treatment for my Lyme Disease!

That was such an exciting day for me.  230 days is a long time  (almost 8 months) to be dealing with iv placements, walking around with the iv in place (sexy!), dealing with supplies, meds, infusions, nurses, pharmacies and so much more that you can't even imagine. But we did it.... and we are finally done.

Unfortunately, I am not in remission like we planned but we will keep working towards that and I have seen a lot of improvement so we are headed in the right direction.  We will be continuing with much less invasive treatments for a while and I am praying to see remission sometime soon.  I've fought so hard and I will get there.

Here's a picture of the last treatment on Tuesday morning.  Not my greatest picture, but a great picture to share!

Also, there is more news!  We moved!  In October, my husband and I moved into a gorgeous 1880's historic home on the main road in the center of our little town and we love it.  The house needs a LOT of work and will do that slowly but it's coming along and it's a wonderful, happy home.  I am so happy here.

The down side of this is that my art studio is not ready yet.  That room is not finished yet and all of my art supplies have been packed in boxes since October.  I have no idea yet when I'll get my studio back but you can bet that I'll be ready to play when it's ready!  I really miss it and I need to get my creative outlet back before I really lose my sanity.  Actually, it might be too late.  ha ha

The fun part is that I get to create a whole new art studio from scratch again.  My last studio had lots of built in cabinets and an island that had to stay with the old house so I'm really starting over.  I'm already thinking of lots of ideas.  It will be fun to come up with a whole new studio.  I'll keep you posted on the progress here.

You will know when my art studio is ready because I'm sure I'll be ready to create and share!  Until then, I will keep in touch and maybe push the dear husband to bump the art studio a little higher up on the to do list.  The to do list is pretty long!

I hope you are all well. And thank you all for continuing to visit me here.  It amazes me how many visits this site still gets despite my illness delays.  Thanks for making me feel so special!