Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

I haven't been into my art studio in over week so I thought I'd share with you the only artsy, craftsy thing I've done this week. A couple of days ago, my best friend showed up on my door step begging me to help her with "her wedding dress". I said "wedding dress??!!!!"... thinking she might be getting married... but no... this is what she had in mind:
Cool, right?! She couldn't find a used dress anywhere for weeks so she finally went to David's Bridal and bought a BRAND NEW wedding dress! She found this perfect dress on the sale rack for only $99 and although we didn't get a "before" picture, it WAS a gorgeous dress.
After a glass or two of wine, I was feeling better about destroying this beautiful dress. We used razor blades to slash it up and we cut some gashes in the bodice of the dress. We took it outside on my back patio and rubbed ashes from the barbecue grill into it. We burned the end of our wine cork and used that make some black streaks on it. Then I borrowed my hubby's blow torch and scorched the edges, blackened some pearls and sequins and burned some holes in the lace. Some red acrylic paint made for some realistic blood and there is no picture of the back, but her man was able to roll a spray painted tire over the back to give her a nice tire mark!

She did a great job on the makeup herself and the veil is actually MY wedding veil from my wedding two years ago- what else was I going to do with it now?! It's been wadded up in a ball in the attic for two years so we cut and burned it up a bit and it looked perfect!
So here's the coolest part... she won the costume contest last night! Here she is with her $100 prize (paid for the dress!) and two Delaware River rafting tickets in hand!

I did not go out dressed up last night, which is so not like me... Halloween is MY holiday. Instead, I took my husband on a nice dinner date for his birthday. We had a great time.

Happy Halloween!


Jackie said...

She deserves first prize, that is one AWESOME costume!

nise said...

How Cool! Glad you had some fun and that hubby got a good meal for his birthday. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool!! My daughter did a similar thing (for her wedding 'reception' no less- they got married last Halloween). I love that your friend won!

Melody from Gingerwood

Kelley said...

Wow awesome job you two! Love the whole outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,
I wonder if you get messages from your blog in your email? Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're still thought about and missed on 'gingerwood' and I hope you're getting better and better every day!
melody (GW)