Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Late Challenge Card- CPS 202

This is the first card of my second One Sheet Wonder project this week.  I used a card sketch from last week's Card Positioning Systems challenge which is pictured on the right.  I'm too late to add it to their links but that's okay.  Better late than never.

I made the background paper for this project using the White Outline Technique again. It's so easy and makes such a beautiful background.  Click here for easy directions.  I used Twinking H2O watercolors and it gives it a beautiful shimmer.

I was able to make 5 cards with this one sheet of handmade background paper and I'll be sharing them all as well as the whole project.


nise said...

A LOVELY breath of spring on a stay home from work because the s-n-o-w is thigh high and my car is not 4 wheel drive [sold my Jeep with 293000 miles on it last summer:( ] kind of blizzard-y day. Thanks for letting me know about the iron. Now to decide what stamps & twinklings to use. Happy to read you've lost weight, but not happy to know how awful your life was to shed those pounds. Keep feeling better, Tara!

Tara D. said...

Thank you so much Nise! I got your lovely card and note. Thank you for thinking of me! :-)