Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make Your Own "Clip it Up"

I've been seeing the Clip it Up all over the place lately on blogs. It's cool. Very cool. And expensive. I can see that it can be useful in so many ways and I was kind of wanting one. Then I realized that I had all the makings here to make something similar!

Check this out:

Okay, so it's not the same... I know. But when I tell you what it costs to put this together, you won't believe it! It's not the neat little spinner rack that the original comes with but this set up nicely uses the space under my cabinets.

And there's these cool little buckets too:
Okay, here's the deal.... it's all from IKEA.... and it's cheap!

Start with the rails- they are kitchen rails and you can find them here. There are two sizes and they are $1.99 and $2.99 each, depending on the size. I have 3 of the large hung under my cabinets. These rails work great for holding punches too.

Next, you need clips. Look here. They *appear* to me to be the same clips that the actual Clip it Up uses. They work great on the rails and they are $4.99 for 24 clips. They come with some little hooks too that can just be discarded. I'll let you know if I find a use for them.

Now just put the little clips on the rail after you hang it and you are good to go! The loop on the clips just fits on the rail- you kind of have to force it on there- so they aren't going to fall off. They work perfectly.

If you like the little pails that I have hanging on the rail too, you can find them here (Edit 11/25/13- It looks like they redesigned them since I bought mine). They are only $3.99 each. Can you believe it? You have to bend the top hook open a little to fit these rails but that works just fine.

So, let's figure this out.... with this idea, you can make your own Clip it Up for about $8.00 per 39 inches of rail. That's counting 24 clips... if you want to load it up with 48 clips that brings the price to $13.00. Now that's a deal!


Joyce across the Pond said... are a girl after my own heart...well done you.

Conni said...

I like this better than the stand. I'm out of room on the floor, but have wall space!

Nancy Frias said...

I know this is an old post, but I hope you see it and can help. The hooks that you use for the cups. Do you have an updated link? Cause they don't work for that anymore, and I so want those! lol

Tara D. said...

Hi Nancy,
Thankfully I get an email when I get a comment, so I did see your post. Here is the new link to the clips and hooks at Ikea.
They are curtain clips and you will only use the clip on the rail, not the included hooks. The hook that is attached to the clip can easily be bent enough with a small pair of pliers if needed to fit them on the rail. You may be able to just push them out without tools too.
Good luck! I've been over a year with my whole art studio in boxes and I'M MISSING IT!!!
All the best,

Tara D. said...

PS- I just updated the links in the post. Thanks for letting me know they no longer worked. <3