Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stay Put Bow

I finally found an online tutorial for the "Stay Put Bow"! Click here to go on over to Michelle Single's blog and see the fabulous video tutorial that explains it perfectly. I do this all the time and it works so well.

In the tutorial, Michelle shows how to do it when you want just a knot but I do the same thing with longer "tails" of ribbon on each side and tie a nice bow. See my other post from today to see one I did with a bow (click here). Actually there are lots of examples of this on my blog if you look around!

The bow works best for me if I tie a knot first then make a "bunny ears" bow by making a loop with each tail and tying them in a simple knot (I tie my shoes that way too, but don't tell anyone!). As you are tightening the bunny ears bow, you can adjust the tails to the bottom (before the center knot is tight) and if you keep tightening the knot and then pulling the tails to make the loops smaller and fiddle with it that way, you end up with a pretty nice bow. Does this even make sense? I hope so!

What are your best bow tying tips? Share them in the comments and I'll compile a list here for all the world! Thanks!

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