Thursday, January 29, 2009

3D Flower Pot Thanks

Today I'm sharing one of the oldest cards in my stash- that's right the OLDEST.  I made this card so many years ago that I don't even know the year.  My guess would be circa 1994.  I've kept it around mostly because I doesn't fit in an envelope!  {grin}
It was early in my stamping journey and it's not the greatest card but I'm sharing it because I still love the idea of it.  
As you can see, this card is very three dimensional.  I found these little flower pots in the craft store and it's cut in half so it works on the front of the card.  I colored the unfinished wood with a marker and glued it to the card front.
Then I stuffed a little bit of spanish moss into the pot to look like dirt.  I stamped and cut out all the little flowers and leaves and layered them into the "arrangement" using tiny pieces of foam tape.
I still think it's kind of cool.  I should try a new one of these.  I'm sure I could do a much better job of it now- 15 years later!  I hope you like the idea.  If you do make one of your own, let me know and I'll link to it from here.  It would be cool to see other versions of this idea.

Thanks for stopping by!


nise said...

Now just a minute. This cannot be from your first stamping attemps. I started around '92 and my stuff was gold embossed over the stove burner in Mom's kitchen (she has 'lectric...). It was on white notecards and colored with markers. It was pityful! Your card is INCREDIBLE! It really pops. The spanish moss and all the cutout flowers and leaves are so fun, but that pot is over the top. Super clever and I hope you have a Super weekend, bowl or not.

Tara D. said...

Thanks Nise.... would be the president of my fan club? :-) Just kidding....

Enjoy your weekend too! Go Steelers! (My second choice since the Eagles are out of it)