Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Sheet Wonder- 8 matching cards

EDIT: I've been asked what stamp set this is... it is Polka Dots & Posies by Stampin Up

If you've never done a One Sheet Wonder, you should really try it.  Especially if you have lost your muse and need to spark your creative juices.  I just read of a stamping friend in rut and I'm posting this to share and inspire.  

It's easy to do!  Just use a few colors of ink and some coordinating stamps to stamp up a full sheet of cardstock.  You are essentially creating your very own designer paper.  Now cut it up into different sizes of squares, rectangles and even triangles.  
Now you are ready to start making some simple cards and see how many you can get from your one sheet of designer paper.  I made the set in these photos and gave them all as a gift.  I made eight cards and got my muse back!
Now go find your muse!  I'm off to do the same...


nise on gw said...

Popped over from the GW board after reading your post and I'm not leaving. I'm sitting right here til you do more! LOVE the snowflake below, too. And you are WRONG, Tara. Your blog should be called "It's all GREAT!" I do like the title, though. Carl, my cousin Shelly's husband, says this, too. May have to leave for a moment and send her an e-mail to check you and your art out.

Jackie said...

Those cards are just adorable! I love the colors and what you did with the one sheet wonder - great job! What stamps did you use for that?

sandie994 GW said...

Would love to see what your sheet looked like before you cut it up. Also would like to know what stamps you used. Beautiful!!