Thursday, January 22, 2009

Designer Paper Addiction

I've recently become a big fan of designer paper.  I never really cared for it until recently.  I think in mind it felt like cheating.  I've been papercrafting a long time and years ago it was more fashionable to make your own backgrounds.  Then came the first designer papers, which were really simple, usually just one color (remember the first SU DPs?), and didn't appeal to me much.  I've watched the designer papers transform into these amazing rich, luxurious textures and patterns and now finally, I'm hooked.

And what comes with getting hooked on something "new" in this hobby?  Being broke!  Just kidding.  I have self control, really.  Maybe not.  I've been adding to my beautiful luxurious designer paper collection every chance I get.  If I'm near a big box craft store with a coupon, there's a pretty good chance I'm coming home with a whole book of this wonderful stuff!  

I probably have more than I could ever use in a lifetime already but it doesn't seem to be enough.  There's always another pattern or color combo that just simply must have.  

And I've noticed that I'm stamping much less.  Most of my creations these days involve stamping a sentiment, and sometimes not even that much.  I need to start using my neglected stamp collection again!

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