Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Set of Thank You Cards

Today I'm sharing a set of 3 matching thank you cards.  They are the same layout and card designs as this one.  I still haven't figured out who I "stole" the idea from, but I love it.
It starts with a square card and then you add that rectangle to the top of it and it fits in an regular envie and mails with regular postage.
I made a set of 3 of these because I'm trying to figure out if it's more rewarding for me to make more than one of a particular design.  I think I like doing that.  Of course even though they are the same, they are all embellished differently and that is the really fun part.
So how about you?  Do you make more than one card at a time?  Do you find it more rewarding?  I'm curious... please leave a comment if you would.
And thanks for stopping by!  I hope you'll visit again.


nise said...

Lovely! And they fit in the regular envelope, too. May have to try this idea. Whoa! My "word verification" is "unhip" which certainly doesn't go along with your blog, but I'll type it in anyway so you know I'm still hanging around anticipating more great stuff.

Tara D. said...


Thanks for all of your kind and supportive comments. You are inflating my ego! LOL

Thanks for being a regular! You might be the first!

Tara D.