Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks so much

This is a thank you card that I made after seeing a similar design on another blog.  I apologize that I don't remember who's blog it was to give them credit for the layout.  If it was YOU or you know who it was, please let me know and I'll make sure credit is given.  I subscribe to so many blogs that when I try to go back and find something, it's nearly impossible.  Please forgive me.

The card is basically a square card as a base with a rectangle added to the top to make it fit into a regular envelope.   A very clever idea... and it saves postage that way.

The colors of the card are inspired my art studio.  My studio has basically white walls- the only white in the whole house!  I am not a fan of white walls (or ceilings) but I wanted lots of  brightness and light in there.  I painted all of the cabinetry a nice "river rock" beige color and I have been looking for just the right color combo to add to the room to make it pop.  It's been a year, and just a couple of weeks ago I settled on green and blue.  It's kind of a basil green and a calm medium blue.  Now I know what I'm looking for and am more likely to find bargain storage ideas in just the right color!

The good thing about adding color to a neutral room like that is if (or when) I get tired of it, I can easily change it.  I'm surprised I didn't go with a deep red that I was leaning toward but the blue and green in some of the designers papers I have really caught me.  Maybe one of these days I'll post some pictures of my studio.  

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Cindy H. said...

Beautiful card, Tara!! I like the idea of making a square card and adding a topper to make the card a mailable card without extra postage.