Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glitter & Microbeads

Here's another installment in the "What's Old is New Again" series.   This time I brought out the glitter and microbeads.  This simple but interesting card is done with double stick adhesive and lace.  Here's the card:
This is so easy and fun to do.  First, I ran the top layer of my card through the Xyron to add a layer of adhesive.  You can also use a red liner sheet of adhesive or anything else that will cover your cardstock with a smooth film of "dry" adhesive (in other words, wet glue won't work). 
Next, you lay a piece of lace over your adhesive and gently rub it down so it's pretty secure.  Now you'll pour glitter over the whole thing and use your fingers to burnish it so it sticks well and then shake off the excess glitter.
Now you'll pull off the lace and that leaves the lace pattern on the adhesive.  Simply pour another of color of glitter over it or pour colored microbeads like I did here.  Burnish them onto the adhesive with your fingers and pour off the excess.  Viola!  Now you can layer your card to finish it up.
Here's the finished card with the lace that I used to make the microbead pattern.  It's hard to get a good photo of this one.  It's really nice in real life.  I finished it simply by adding some ribbon and a metal frame around the friendship sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back again because I'm still on a roll with "What's Old is New Again".  The challenge of going back and using the old techniques that I have the supplies for is really becoming so fun!  

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Joan B said...

beautiful job. And to think I gave away my beads years ago!!!