Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Watchmaker's Bench

Check out the new addition to my art studio...
This is an antique watchmaker's bench and I'm so happy to have scored it for my art studio. My husband's father is a German-trained watch and clock maker and my husband has taken over his 60 year old business. In the move, this bench was not needed so I snapped it up.

It fits perfectly at the end of my island and it is now the new home for my sewing machine. I've been using my sewing machine more and more and it didn't have a permanent home, so this is perfect.

My husband is going to make a hole in the top near the back so that my pedal wire can slip down through it and not have the wire draping over the front like it is now.
Do you see all of those shallow drawers? Is that a rubberstamper's heaven or what?!

I'm toying with the idea of painting this bench to match my studio but on the other hand, I love the "old" look it has... what do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know if you think I should spruce it up by painting it or leave it as is. Thanks for your advice!


nise said...

This is your President shouting ~ DON'T YOU DARE DO A THING TO THAT BENCH!!! Ok, hubby can make a SMALL hole for the cord, but that's it. First I drooled over your cards and the sewing (I love the feather stitch). Now I'm drooling over your watchmakers bench. And the coolest thing is that it is a family heirloom. Please preserve it as such. If anything, it will add some character to your studio, just like your art does. Enjoy your treasure, Tara.

Lynn said...

I totally agree with Nise's comments about the watchmaker bench.
Your cards are amazing; such detail and creativity. Enjoyed looking at your jewelry site too.

Lynn B (from Gingerwood BB)

linda patti said...

do NOT paint it!!!! i think that would reduce the value..

Judy Cameron GW Board said...

Please, please, please do not paint this wonderful piece. The history behind it makes it a real jewel for your family. Enjoy and use it to make more family memories.

becky said...

...when you decide to make out your will I'm sure you are thinking of giving this treasure to me! What a find and a fabulous piece, I look at it and get one of those 'shiver' moments-I'm a sick person I know but that piece is WONDERFUL.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I am going to be the lone wolf here. (see "devil with horns" standing on your shoulder, saying,"Go ahead... paint it!")
Actually, I am in a shabby chic moment in my life, where all my estate sale furniture "finds" are lined up ready for primer. I bought all my pieces to enjoy *my way*, not really caring about the $ value of them.... if anybody in my family gets them after I'm gone, they can strip them and refinish. I also plan on using white primer and decopaging them to suit myself too... the only old piece I have that I absolutely won't consider doing anything to, is an old folding sewing table that has an inlaid wooden measure ruler across the top. It's too unusual for me to "crazy up".
Have fun with your find- it is pretty cool as is.... but suit yourself most of all.
-Rebecca (from GW)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rebecca, though I can't believe I am saying it as I drive from Maine to Wisconsin to pick up my own antique watchmakers bench. We are only stewards of these pieces for the stort time we live with them and who knows, your paint might preserve it(lol)! Claim that badboy and make it "yours." let the next gal refinish it if it's her taste later. Nothing is perminent and you will be adding to it's history too, besides, you may never sell it if it is a treasured family piece, so who cares about the "$ value" good luck with your hard decision...enjoy.