Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Card Box- Altered Lunch Tin

Tonight I'm sharing an altered lunch tin project that I made some time ago for my sister-in-law. She's so great at remembering birthdays and sending out cards that this seemed like the perfect gift for her.  I gave it to her filled with a bunch of cards that I made in a one sheet wonder project- you can see those cards by clicking here.
I used designer paper and embellishments to alter the tin.  I spent a lot of time to create at template so that I could easily make altered tins, but to date, I have only made one other.  Maybe I'll share that one soon- it's a recipe box.Inside the tin, I made a pocket that holds small monthly birthday reminder lists.  There's a heart paperclip just for some added cuteness.
And some matching dividers.
I hope you enjoy this project.  I think it would make a great Mother's Day gift- and Mother's Day is quickly approaching!

Before I sign off for tonight, I have a favor to ask.  I never ask for prayers but I need to make an exception.  If you could please keep me and husband in your prayers tomorrow I would greatly appreciate it.  We are facing a situation that could alter our life significantly and we are praying it doesn't devastate us.  We need all the prayers and positive energy we can get.  Thanks so very much.  Have a great day tomorrow and I hope to see you here again soon.


Anonymous said...

Tara, you and your husband will be in my prayers.

nise said...

Dang, Girl! Saying prayers and thinking all kinds of good thoughts for you both. This lunch box is ADORABLE! Did you know my name is Helen and I am mother to thousands of dust bunnies?? Ok, but I do love this project! I'm usually not much for altered stuff, but this is so cool. One year I had my cousin Kim make my Mom a bulliten board. It's fabric covered and sits in the track of the kitchen window and is bulging with cards from me! Really hope that you and your Mr. are fine, Tara. {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your family...I understand what it is like to need prayer. You are brave to ask...
god bless you real good!