Thursday, May 7, 2009

KISS Cards with Paint Chips

What is a KISS card, you ask?  It's simple.  KISS stands for Keep It Super Simple.  I love to look at blogs that feature the "clean and simple" style.  I am very drawn to the artwork there but I have a hard time doing it myself.  I tend to look at my own KISS cards as if they just aren't finished but I was determined to make some.  Here they are:

They are super simple, that I'm sure of.  The cool part of these designs is that I used paint chips from Home Depot for the monochromatic color schemes.  Here's the chips I used:

I was shopping for paint last week and these chips caught my eye.  I love the colors and I love how they give you 4 tones of the same color to play with.  I grabbed a few extras to play with.

I used a circle punch and some rub-ons to make this simple card.  And here's the inside:

And this card is pretty much the same thing, just bigger circle punches.

Quick, easy and super simple!

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Monica-FC said...

that is a super simple card.