Monday, May 11, 2009

Paint Chips- Embossed and Sanded

Tonight I have two cards to share with you.  After reading a suggestion on Gingerwood, I decided to try embossing and sanding paint chips.  I love the way it turned out.

Here's the first card:
I used "The Freshaire Choice" paint chips from Home Depot for these cards.  These paint chips are nice because they are large- 4 inch squares.  They don't have tons of colors, but the colors they do have appeal to me.  The paint color name is printed on the front of the chip along one of the edges, but I figured out that you can easily sand that off with a sanding block and use the whole 4 inch square.  How cool is that?  After sanding, it is not even noticeable at all.
Here's a close up of the front.  I embossed the paint chips with the Cuttlebug and then used fine sandpaper to remove color from the raised areas.  These chips look gorgeous embossed without the sanding too.  The have a nice finish and the embossing is nice and crisp.
And here's the inside of this card.

Here's the second card I made with the same paint chips:
This quilt look is easy to do with a square punch.  
And here's a close up.  I didn't include the inside of this card because it's very plain.  

I just got back from Home Depot again.  I pilfered the paint chip displays and came home with lots more to play with.  I was feeling a little guilty taking so many but I just couldn't help myself!  The back of the paint chips says "Please Recycle"... does this count?  {wink}

Thanks for stopping by!


andrea said...

your cards are gorgeous Tara ... I think that is exactly how Home Depot wants you to recycle them! Can't wait to hit my local HD and recycle some too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

This card is fantastic Tara. This is my first time to your site but Ill be back. Love your ideas Karleen