Sunday, May 31, 2009

Painting with Pearl Ex Interference

Continuing my "what's old is new again" theme, I pulled out my pearl ex for the first time in a long, long time.  I have always loved the look of this technique which uses Pearl Ex Interference powders to paint on dark cardstock.
Using 4 parts Pearl Ex Interference powder, 1 part gum arabic and 7 parts water I made a paint.  I mixed up red, blue, green, violet and gold in a plastic paint tray- the kind that has little wells.  I wrote the color next to each well on the tray because it's hard to tell them apart.  The best part of using a paint tray is that when you are done, just leave the tray out overnight to dry up and then you can store it.  Next time, just remix some water into the wells and you are good to go.
Stamp your images on dark cardstock and emboss.  I used black cardstock, black pigment ink and clear embossing powder.  Then use your markers to color the image and then paint over top of the marker ink with the pearl ex paint.  That is the key to this technique- it needs the colored ink from the marker to work.  

Play around and try different combos of marker color with pearl ex color to create different colors.  
I finished this card off with black grosgrain ribbon and pins.
And here's the inside. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  See you again soon.

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