Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ribbon Inspired: Bright Daisies

I have quite a collection of pieces of ribbon that are just begging to be used to create something beautiful.  Sometimes, I design a card by starting with the ribbon and this is one of those cards:
This gorgeous gingham ribbon is bright yellow and orange.  I matched SU only orange and yo yo yellow cardstock to it.  With such bold colors, it needed bold images.  There are two SU sets used here- Definately Decorative Daisies and Hand Painted Petites.
The happy birthday sentiment is from the SU set called Favorite Greetings.  The ink colors used to make this "floral arrangement" are only orange, yo yo yellow, garden green, sage shadow, close to cocoa and chocolate chip.
And here's the inside.  Pretty plain by my standards, huh?  

I was very excited today when I checked my blog and I was exactly the 12,000th hit on the counter.  I never imagined that I'd get very many readers so to see 12,000 on there just blows me away.  Thank you to those who are reading on a regular basis and thank you to those who have left comments.  I love to read comments and I appreciate them so much!  And a big thank you to Nise, who is the self-appointed the president of my fan club (funny, right?!).  You keep me laughing and you keep me motivated!  Thanks so much!

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nise said...

My hand's about to fall off from clicking on your blog and moving that counter onward and upward, but what's a president to do but support the cause? What a cheery card! Great ribbon and ribbon collection. And congrats on 12,000. Look out 20,000!