Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Anniversary Card

We've been invited to a dinner to celebrate a dear friend's 10th wedding anniversary.  We shopped for the perfect gift and found it today- a beautiful blown glass pitcher with 4 matching blown glass footed glasses.  Our friends really enjoy mexican food and sangria and this set will make a perfect sangria set.  They enjoy it so much that the party is at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
I wrapped up this perfect gift with some gorgeous gray and black wrapping paper that I bought recently on clearance at Ikea.  Then I decided to make the card match- what a great idea!  That pretty background paper on the card is wrapping paper.  
Stampin' Up black and going gray cardstock matched the wrapping beautifully and I used the set called Together Forever stamped in the same colors of ink.  I finished it off with the same colors of ribbon.
On the inside of the card I attached a matching recipe card that has my slightly famous sangria recipe on it.  Our friends can remove the recipe and use it with their new sangria set.  We have company quite often and my sangria is the most requested and talked about drinks here.  The recipe was shared with me by a bartender at an excellent restaurant in a town where I used to work.   Try it... I promise you'll love it!  
1. Fill a large pitcher with ice.
2. Add approx. 1 ounce each of brandy and triple sec.
3. Squeeze some fresh lemon and lime juice into the pitcher.
4. Add enough orange juice and sprite in equal amounts to fill the pitcher half way.
5. Fill the pitcher the rest of the way with wine- red, white or a combination of both.
6. Add any combination of fresh cut up fruit (lemons, limes, oranges and apples), stir and enjoy!

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