Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acetate & Tissue: Great Results from a Mistake

I'm still in my "what's old is new again" phase and the other night I decide to play around with the Acetate and Tissue Technique.  I got out some transparency film and stamped it up with brown Stazon ink (because my black Stazon seems to have dried out) and went to town with Perfect Paper Adhesive, reinkers and glitter.  

The reinker colors I chose (ruby red, old olive and more mustard) proved very quickly to be way too dark- or maybe I just used too much.  Disappointed, I set it aside to dry and the next day I when I looked at it dry, I realized how cool it really was.  What I thought was a total disaster, turned out to look like this:
I know!  Cool, right?!  I was so surprised.  It was all a mistake- the stamped images are too light and the reinkers were too dark, but the result is stunning!  I love how the stamped images are just subtly visible and I love how the texture looks like piles of rich luxurious fabric.  

When I was making it, I almost threw it away... oh, my.  I'm so glad I gave it a chance to dry.
Otherwise it's a very simple card.  With that background it doesn't need much else, does it?  
Here's a close up view.  This really has so much depth to it and I'm wondering if it's because I used Perfect Paper Adhesive instead of Crystal Effects?  I used quite a bit of PPA, so maybe that's the difference.  Regardless, I like it a lot and I think it is so cool when a mistake turns out to be something great.
And here's the inside of the card with a small strip of the background to dress it up a little bit.

Thanks for stopping by again.  I hope to see you again soon


Monica-FC said...

what a wonderful mistake this turned out to be and a great card. love the colors and how you did this. wonderful.

nise said...

Even when you screw up, it's beautiful! WOW! I like those 3 colors together. Never saw this technique, either, but it is way cool!