Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cuttlebug Notecards

Today I'm sharing a couple of simple notecards that are made extra special with some cuttlebug embossing.  Can you tell I'm a new cuttlebug owner and still very enamored by it?!  {grin}  I'm always "late to the game" it seems.  Most everyone is tired of simple cuttlebug embossing, but not me!  Not yet anyway.

The cool part of these cards, which you can't tell in the picture is that they are larger "Hallmark" sized cards.  I made them to enclose in a couple of swap packages I participated in over at swap-bot.  Have you checked out the swaps over there?  You should.  

I pulled these cards out of my stash of things that are already done to share because I've been very busy working on some other things.  I really want to try to get involved with a few challenges I've seen this week, and I'm also working on putting together a new and exciting blog where I'll be able to share my vast inventory of brass charms and unique embellishments with you at a very reasonable price.  And then there's my main business (I am a jewelry artist) and I have a big order I'm working on.  

I'm running out of extras to post when I need a fill in post so you can bet I'll be in my art studio at some point tonight.  I can't wait!


nise who's trying not to hog the comment space all the time said...

These are really pretty and so simple, yet classy. Play Safe (watch out for sharp objects & fingers, as I got the gruesome details of my cousin's encounter with the Martha Circle Cutter last evening) and Happy Weekend!!

Tara D. said...

Thanks Nise, you can hog up all the comment space you want! I have been playing safe- I got myself good with a rotary cutter last month. Ironically, I was trying to open the safety cover when I sliced my thumb open! Every once in a while I have to do something stupid to make me start paying attention again! Have a great weekend!