Monday, February 16, 2009

Playing with Wire Again

Okay, it's official... I LOVE this wire.  Today I'm sharing another valentine card made with wire.  It's super simple, just layers and a little cuttlebug embossing and some wire.  
I formed the heart free form by coiling both ends of a 6 inch piece of wire and then bending it at the middle to form the heart.
Wire hearts like this can be very forgiving because if it's not exact, it still looks great.  Using round nose pliers makes it easier to start the coils.
I used a wire jig (available at most craft stores) to form these borders from 12 inch pieces of wire.  You could get the same effect using anything round (like a dowel) to wrap the wire around.  Using the jig made it easy to get two nearly identical wire borders like this card has.  And the Swarovski crystals really finish it off nicely.

Thanks for stopping by... I hope you can swing in again tomorrow.   Enjoy your day!


nise said...

You are too clever! That wire is so nifty and I love how perfectly uniform you make it look. Oh and Hubby's book was really nice ~ those flowers didn't look "frou-frou femmy" at all.

Marg said...

I love what you have done with the wire. Whenever I try anything, it is never smooth looking. Great job.