Saturday, February 21, 2009

Storing Decorative Pins

One quick post before I hit the road to visit my sister.  Today I'm sharing how I store my rather large collection of decorative corsage pins.  I love these pins and I always pick up a whole box when I find something new.

I use small glass votive cups for some of the longer ones.  They work well for longer pearl head pins.  For the larger gem pins, I use mason jars.  These are small quilt patterned jelly jars.  I use two sizes- they are the same diameter, one is just taller than the other.

I stuff Oasis floral foam in the opening at the top and hot glue a strip of ribbon around the jars threads at the top.  Then I just stick the pins in and it's done.  I keep them lined up along the back of my embellishment counter and I love that they look like pretty flowers in pots and they are always right there for me to use when the mood strikes me.  
I love to see the way others organize and store things in their art rooms.  I spend lots of time surfing blogs and galleries for storage ideas.  My favorite ideas are ones where the art room looks as beautiful as the artwork and is still very functional.  This pin storage is just that.  

Have a great weekend!

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herbertherbert said...

I love the way you have all the pins together! When does the shop open??? LOL!!

Joyce across the pond