Friday, February 13, 2009

Playing with Wire

Today I'm sharing something really fun.  I got my mits on this really (and I mean REALLY) cool wire and I am having a ball playing with it.  This is a card made with a really fun big flower that I created with it.  Pretty neat, right?!  

This is ice blue aluminum wire that is super easy to work with.  It bends and forms so nicely that I just can't put it down.  I am hoping to get more colors in the very near future and you'll be seeing more of this because I've been making things like crazy with it.
I made the flower by starting with a coil and then bending the wire behind the coil.  Then I was able to loop the petals by working around the flower making each petal on opposite sides, instead of making each petal next the last.  Does that even make sense?  Clear as mud?  

I stabilized the whole thing with a blob of hot glue on the back and then I attached it to the card with hot glue.  

Even my husband was impressed by this one.  I guess in a man's world, wire is cool.  Stay tuned... there'll be more of this fun stuff coming!  Thanks for visiting!


nise said...

Neat-O!! I have no clue how/if this would mail, but I sure like the look of it. Aluminum is fairly light, but what gauge is this? Guess I was wondering if it would crumple the card if you tried to stand it up. You did a fab job making your petals uniform and I love the center coil. Happy Valentines Day, Tara & Hubby!

Anonymous said...

Fab, I think that the wire flower is so effective it looks very professional.